Goblin Defenders

Use and upgrade six types of towers to repel enemy attacks. There is cool system of upgrades and power-ups that helps your survive against the evil forces onslaught.

Dozens of attacking creatures with their own unique characteristics and strengths will force you to try a variety of tactics and combinations building your defensive lines.
Monsters attacks can happen from any side, without quick response you’ll never know taste of victory! Bonus waves with magical sheep allow dealing with a lack of resources and saving money for important towers upgrades.
Difficult campaign and survival modes. It’s only hardcore, baby. Prove to the world that you are the most experienced and clever strategist!
Develop character and improve its ability to directly influence what is happening on the battlefield. Combine the construction of defensive lines with the tactical usage of the hero.

Nice graphics, good soundtrack and a lot of hardcore energy.
Over the three-year period of existence many players liked it, so check it out!

The project has shown a great vitality for games of this genre. Over the three-year period of existence, it was appreciated by nearly four million players. The game has rightly become one of the brightest representatives of the tower defense genre on mobile platforms
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