Goblin Defenders II
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Build your unique protection system, improving various towers with multiple branches of development. Only you can decide that would be more efficient at this level: put cut into pieces ground enemies tower-shredder or a tower with stun effect.
Train heroes with unique characteristics and abilities. At your disposal: strong goblins leader, fast as death fox, goblins fighting robot and necromancer, which can raise fallen soldiers from the battlefield.

Improve active skills: sniper shot, goblins troops, missile strike. Use them wisely and you can win a lot of great battles.
Discourage enemy mines and get necessary resources to increase the power of your Kingdom. Buy upgrades, use several unique boosters: total freeze, mega bomb and resources reserve will help defeat enemies
Complete the tens of exciting levels in campaign mode on a large colorful map. Test your strength at several levels of difficulty. Take part in regular tournaments. Compete with your friends in the war mastery at campaign mode stages and survival mode at the arena; don’t forget to share with them some useful gifts.
Challenge dozens of types of enemies with unique characteristics and behavior on the battlefield. Only the strongest players can defeat the evil.

This is one of the first mobile games with built-in SDK of social network "VKontakte" involved in the development of a big segment this social net, based on ios and Android operating systems applications. We have become a part of the history of the social network integration into mobile games.
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