Capture the World

“Capture the World” is not just a boring clicker, it is a game of mind. You can choose any country on the Earth and then try to take it over. Every country has the set of its own unique abilities: Prosperity, Climate, Religious status and Level of industrialisation and many more! Will the capturing industrialised communist China be as easy as taking over poor religious Ethiopia? Are the differences between Norway and Sweden that small? We’ll see...


You can use various buildings to build up your reputation… And then terrorise the country with taxes to gain more money. Balance between two extremes, do good stuff to conquer the hearts for your people and gain enough money to afford it. Good like with handling all the crises and revolts, by the way! ;)

Prepare yourself to a really epic pastime - Capture the World!

“Capture the World” is a new awesome game from Red Machine studio! It’s a new word in strategy and city builders. In this game you will be controlling a constantly enlarging Empire. Capture the states, overcome crises, face the challenging problems every world ruler have to handle.