Clouds of War

An ambitious strategy in the futuristic future setting.

Develop your own base on a flying island. Create dozens of buildings, collect resources and build a strong economy.

Create many types of soldiers and equipment; combine your troops for various offensive and defensive tactics.
Improve and use active abilities of your army in real time to implement large-scale attacks on the neighboring islands.

A big set of interesting storylines and daily quests will not let you be bored and helps to accumulate more resources for the development of your base and increase the power of the army.
Combine with other players and form your own guild, helping each other with resources and troops. Chat, plan joint offensive, participate in clan wars and subdue the world.

Regular tournaments will help identify the strongest rulers of flying islands, generous rewards will help a lot.
Luscious graphics and great special effects make every battle epic battles.

The weak point of many strategies on mobile platforms is a small players involving in the battle process, which loses epic atmosphere and diversity. We have tried to diversify the strong economic base with RTS component, allowing the player to take part in the process of fighting the battle and make it really interesting and exciting.
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