Sheep Hero
Social activity:

Move sheep across the meadow in the paddock, realizing jumps over bottomless abyss. Use active abilities to achieve the goal: shoot wolf with a gun, help to accelerate sheep with rocket backpack.
Properly dispose of three lives to achieve a better record. Any mistake will send the unfortunate sheep into a frightening abyss.
Share records with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Who will be the most dexterous sheep hero?
This is a real challenge to your response skills working with cheerful music, hilarious voiceovers and casual graphics.
The constant difficulty growth in relax forest environment. Try to keep track of the whole herd rushing to the cherished goal.
When the sheep world is in danger, they need a real hero. Be the best sheep hero in the universe!

Bright experiment based on the contrast of the atmosphere and unpretentious fun gameplay with extreme difficulty growth. Sheep hero differs from other time killers with good reaction challenge and ability to make quick decisions
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  • Coming soon