Heroes of Magic


Do you like card battle RPG games? Than this game if for you! Join a quick tactical challenge and battle other players from all over the world. Hot new gameplay you’ve never seen in other games! Do your best and defeat your enemies in furious 3-minutes battle! Become the most powerful lord and own the game! Upgrade your Magic cards, try different heroes, cast powerful spells – this game will melt any stone – heart!

Defeat enemy forces in different games mode, command legendary creatures and use unique weapon, use dozens of epic war heroes to defeat your opponents. Try Imperial Archers, Wind Ninja, Magic of Divinity and other decks stay alive. Clash with monsters and villains, start your epic Card game now!

Game features:
Prepare for the fast and intensely developing battle. Here you implement real combat strategy and battle in RPG Card game step by step.
Try new combinations from new players in each game. Try PVP (player versus player – 2 users) mode. Each strategy is unique; take part in real wars to defend your hearth.
Discover Epic Warlords and their dissimilar fighting strategy in card battle game. Be like a mighty savage or noble knight!
A variety of exciting PVP modes (Brawl, Arena matches, Ranked Battles, Survival, Raids, Tournaments, Events and even more on 3 or more players). Win the award in each of these games.
Tired to fight against other players? Try a single player campaign with hunting monsters game mode! Join mighty hero in his war against monsters and write your own story in Magic Card wars.
Try guild Wars. It’s a mode of truly royal epic battles! Here you are fighting your rival for strategically important and valuable territories and trading. This an apic battle where heroes become legends!
Level-up your mighty heroes or bind them with other heroes, do whatever you want to upgrade their skills