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Our team consists of professionals who have a lot of experience in making games.

Red Machine

When desperate gamers and cyber sport’s veterans decides to create games, such a campaign as Red Machine appears on game development scene. Our team consists of professionals who have a lot of experience in making games.
Like our previous victories in cyber sport, our current projects are also well succeed. Our games are involved in the development of the mobile platform of a large social network, seeking the interest of millions players around the world, encouraging people with fresh ideas and measured approach.
We constantly monitor the game world news and keep researching the most current trends of game development sphere. We love our job and do it with passion.
Maybe that’s why our projects are well remembered and attract a lot of users.
We are always glad to cooperate and are happy to take part in the development of new, daring, unconventional projects.

Heroes of Magic

Do you like card battle RPG games? Than this game if for you! Join a quick tactical challenge and battle other players from all over the world. Hot new gameplay you’ve never seen in other games! Do your best and defeat your enemies in furious 3-minutes battle! Become the most powerful lord and own the game! Upgrade your Magic cards, try different heroes, cast powerful spells – this game will melt any stone - heart!

Hell Clicker

Do you like farming games, but farms make you yawn? Here is a new revolutionary way to build away! It is fun, it is simple, it is awesome! Check out "Farm and Click - Idle Hell Clicker!"

Goblin Defenders II

The classic tower defense game with it’s own economy and unique characters.

Develop towers, upgrade different characters skills, collect resources from the mines to improve defense of the Kingdom.

Prove to your friends who are the best military general on the epic battlefield …

Friendly Farm

Do you like farm games? Now you can play a game that's all about farming and fun! Forget about endless instructions and dealing with the problems of everyday life! Dive into a farming simulator that's all about the one thing that really matters - farming! Plant crops, raise barnyard animals and upgrade equipment to produce even more crops and animals! Develop your strategy to collect all types of animals and veggies!

Cradle of Magic

«Cradle of Magic» is an online multiplayer battle game that combines a role-playing game with resources time management strategy and 1on1 battles against other network players using magic power from magic cards. Already an established and well-known social networking game (mainly in and we are expanding «Cradle of Magic» to computers and mobile devices worldwide.

Fluffy Dreams

“Fluffy Dreams” is a good old match-3 classic. You will meet fluffies, the spirits of the Dream World. With their help you will began a journey through the endless world of imagination. You will fight nightmares and make the world a better place to sleep. Hundreds of levels, lots of different enemies... Puzzle up your commute with “Fluffy Dreams”!

Goblin Defenders

Tower defense with a fantasy background.
When peaceful life violates the threat from the outside, any decent goblin takes up arms ...
Build reliable protection using six types of towers and hold back the enemies onslaught attacking from all sides. Sounds easy? I Dare You ...

Sheep Hero

We love casual games, but they are too easy.
How can we successfully combine casual game mechanics, graphics and pretty hardcore difficulty?
Save the migration of cute sheep from failure. Just the chosen one is able to do it…

Battle Sheeps

Battle Sheeps is a real time strategy with RPG elements. You will fight on the battlefield, summon heroes, infantry and magic missiles upon your enemies. During the peaceful hours of the game you will train your troops and build your city.

Clouds Of War

Large-scale military saga, unites a strong economic basis and dynamic battles by using the unique skills of different types of troops.
Dive into a futuristic world of the future and build up your unique army.
It is time to show everyone who's the most powerful ruler and military strategist....

Clash of Cats

Cute cats on robot vacuums are on your way! They are nice and cute and adorable and they love to play with the clues! So let them do that! - "Clash of Cats" is an intense pong-style game! - Spice up your commute and wi-filess hours! - Beat the world's record! - Unlock awesome balls with special powers! - Cute up your day with adorable kittens!